Most Wanted

Summertime And The Fitting Is Breezy

Breathe new life into your wardrobe this summer – from colour-blocked tees to striped button-ups and everything in between, we’ve got your seasonal drip sorted with our selection of effortlessly stylish shirts. (more…)

Keep it short

The 5 styles to see you through summer. Longer, more laid-back days call for a simplified approach to style. Here are the 5 pairs that provide just that. (more…)

4 Summer Looks That Bring the Heat

Refresh your wardrobe with key pieces for warmer days and spontaneous outings. December is not a month, it’s a lifestyle. You need to have an outfit prepared for any occasion in December. From looks inspired by summer landscapes to pieces perfect for luxury beach living, we’ve assembled four eye-catching fits for you to kick the season off in style. (more…)

Bag Secured

Why tough, utilitarian accessories just keep working Trends come and go, but utilitarian accessories are a staple item. So, why do they feel so fresh?  We can’t say that utility accessories are having a moment: from sports luxe to athleisure to the decidedly military feel of Yeezy collections in years past, they’ve been having a moment in streetwear, high-fashion, and the bold clashes and collabs of the two. If utilitarian style isn’t brand new, why are we feeling excited about it all over again? (more…)

Sundowner Style

Here’s what happy hour looks like One of the best things about summer is getting to enjoy an ice-cold drink with friends at your favourite watering hole after a long day. (more…)

Markham Designer Collaboration

Five of South Africa’s emerging designers bring their works to life   Markham has assembled five of South Africa’s finest designers, African Ginger, Masonwabe, MASHie, Norsky_96 and Yay Abe to put their style on summer. From signature prints to trademark touches, they’re here to leave their mark on summer.   (more…)

Just for kicks: Your guide to summer sneakers

Our pick of the top five styles for the sunny season. The weather’s getting warmer and we’re all showing more skin but just because we aren’t layering anymore, doesn’t mean we have to lose any style points. Your summer uniform is probably pretty simple: a T-shirt and shorts or some kind of long pants but you can always elevate your look with a pair of sneakers. Meet the kicks that are perfect for summer and ideal for any occasion. It’s time to put the sandals away for a bit and try our pick of the top five styles for the sunny season. (more…)

T-shirt Fit 101

Teeing off, this season with the ideal summer style We answer 5 key questions about your wardrobe’s most important item. From colour to cut and pairing to wearing, we’ve got your style covered. (more…)

The double-breasted jacket is back

From James Bond to the boardroom, the double-breasted suit jacket is a sartorial option that’s been decidedly non-stuffy from the start: they were initially a casual alternative to the formal tailcoat. The frame-defining silhouette takes inspiration from naval jackets and it wasn’t until the 1920s that they would be worn in an office. Wartime shortages of cloth caused the style to fall out of favor for all but the wealthiest, and it might be here was where the suit picked up its modern connotation of seniority and authority. Another reason might tie to the British royal family, namely Edward VII, the Duke of Windsor, who revived the style’s popularity in the Isles. These days, double-breasted suits aren’t as serious. We’ve seen celebrities like Daniel Kaluuya rock an all black double-breasted suit over a plain tee on the night he won an Oscar, so there’s certainly precedent to dress it down....
All dressed up with somewhere to go! The humble overshirt.

All dressed up with somewhere to go! The humble overshirt.

As the seasons change, and we are greeted with the pre-winter chill, one often wonders how to ease into autumn, without having to throw a coat on. This is where the overshirt comes into play. What is an overshirt? Simply put the overshirt is an engineered garment merging the functionality of a jacket with the simplicity of a shirt. To better showcase the versatility of this non-seasonal layering item, let’s go on a style journey as we take you from formal to casual, day to night and all the areas in-between. Business as usual. It’s the first day of your dream new job and you want to dress to impress, so let’s start from the bottom up. Get out those business savvy muted socks your significant other may have gotten you for your birthday and match it back to your already polished and trusted black formal shoe. Pair this with...