Most Wanted

Add prints to impress

This collaborative capsule captures the art of bold style.  Every piece in this limited-edition range makes statement style easy. Discover how to incorporate items with an artistic element into your winter wardrobe and prepare to paint the town a multitude of colours. (more…)

How to build winter outfits

Upgrade your cold-weather wardrobe with these essentials.  It’s time to pack up the summer threads and bundle up for chillier weather. Check out how we’re styling our new favourite winter staples! Cosy levels guaranteed, no matter what stage of loadshedding it is. (more…)

Essential winter accessories guide

Beat the cold with our coolest seasonal accessories. This season, more is more. We’ve narrowed down the Markham man’s four essential winter accessories to get you through the coming colder months. (more…)

Formalwear? Check.

The check suit is a versatile and classic go-to. Dressing up for a formal event is the perfect time to explore your classy and sophisticated side. Feel comfortable and fashionable in a suit that will add just the right flair. (more…)

Get to know the pleated chino

Introducing cool-weather looks to uplift your professional wardrobe and style Looking for a few style tips to keep up with cool temperatures ahead? We spoke to four professionals about how a pair of chinos could do just that within their work environment and profession. (more…)

Approaching autumn

Your ultimate guide to the season’s staple pieces. As the air gets nippy, layering tips and techniques come in handy. Here’s how to get the most out of this fall’s best attire. (more…)

The Essential Staple

Chinos just do not let us down! In celebration of this wardrobe staple, we explore what makes this particular garment so versatile.  Keeping up with the trends can sometimes prove to be a challenge, but our faithful chinos pull out all the stops with four different designs that will always have your back. (more…)

Form up

We did the math: You look good Dressing for success is not just some snappy slogan. Studies have proven that looking good means performing better. (more…)


Freshly-pressed and well-dressed: Shop these just-dropped drips!  If you’ve been spending every available moment on Netflix like the rest of us, you might have noticed that Asian series and fashion have stolen our hearts. Join us in celebrating them with our limited-edition collection. (more…)

Low-tops can lift your sneaker game 

Get style elevation with quirky, cool, or classic tread.  Low-tops aren’t the new kicks on the block: they’ve remained a firm fashion favourite. Whether you need to step things up or lace up with relaxation in mind, this timeless pair adapts to every look.  (more…)