Flip Ur Flops

Relay Jeans' Green Summer Initiative. Relay Jeans is starting summer with a bang! How? We’re making a difference in South African communities, with your old flip flops! We’ve teamed up with MARKHAM, myTFGrewards, EVA and RTT to launch our Flip Ur Flops sustainability drive for cleaner oceans and reduced landfill waste. (more…)

2022 ready? Set goals.

Take what’s yours this year, step by step. What has the new year got planned for you? What will you bring along and what will you leave behind? Whatever resolutions you have in mind, we know 2022 will be nothing but goals. (more…)

Summer Staycation Style Guide

Summer is coming, and we’ve drawn up a handy how-to for warmer-weather style. Just add blue sky. Dress for the occasion – and the destination.  (more…)

Say “I do” to what suits you

Be the best-dressed guest, in your own individual style. Whether it’s your special day or you’re raising a glass to someone close to you, you’re invited to show up and show off. How you do this is up to you, but we’ve got a couple of suggestions. (more…)

48H in… Johannesburg

Things to do and see in the City of Gold. While others flock to the coast, you've chosen to stay in the city (or head there). Good choice! We share our recommendations for the ultimate minibreak in a city seldom known as a holiday town. (more…)

Get Some Summer Scents

Accentuate your summer style and uplift your aesthetic with refreshing citrus notes, sandalwood tones and peppery bases. (more…)

A Summer Well-Spent

We’ve rounded up your best day and night out options Where to this Dezemba? If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, follow our guide to the day and night outings to complete your social calendar. (more…)

48h in… Durban

The hottest places to go and stuff to see Is there any place that gets summer started quite like this city by the sea? In our first 48h in… feature, we explore its must-see sights, spots and spaces for visitors and locals alike. (more…)

Sundowner Style

Here’s what happy hour looks like One of the best things about summer is getting to enjoy an ice-cold drink with friends at your favourite watering hole after a long day. (more…)

What’s on your mind?

This Mental Health Awareness Month, start conversations that matter. Mental health is complex, and that’s why we need to talk about it. Let’s eliminate stigma and work together in building communities that enable mental health support to those around us. (more…)