Your style, your vibe and your race day look

Every guy at the Durban July It only comes around once a year, so make the most of a big day out with a big fit to match. Whatever brings you to the Durban July, it’s an ideal day to show off your style – and to make sure that your look expresses the way you’re feeling. These are the looks to match every mood. (more…)

What’s the occasion?

Level up your looks for this season’s go-to events. From festivals to sports matches, live events are back with a vengeance and they require a host of new pieces that are ready to get us up and moving again. (more…)

Outdoor style for winter breaks

Beat cabin fever as the cold closes in. Braving the outdoors in Winter yields high rewards when done right. We’ve got the tips to help you explore our beautiful country during the colder months. (more…)

How to take your measurements and get your perfect fit

Dressing for your size and body type are the foundations of great styling There’s no better way of ensuring great styling than understanding your sizes and body type. Sizes can differ per brand, so here are a few things you can do to get the right fit. (more…)

A made man

Inside information on looking and feeling refined Grooming is integral to good style. Want to face the world with calm and confidence? We’ll show you how. (more…)

Coldblooded grooming tips for winter heat

This is how you brave the cold with finesse. We've got the three key areas – hair, facial hair and skincare – sorted. Colder weather needs a different approach and we'll show you how to have you looking your best this season. (more…)

Local Artists to Love

Whatever your mood, these three artists have the perfect releases to cater to you DJ Lag , Blxckie and Patty Monroe are ready with new material and poised to make 2022 a year to remember for all the right reasons. (more…)

Stylish Ways To Make A Good First Impression

We got four professionals to let us know what these looks say to a potential employer. Need help choosing your interview outfit? A recruiter, a startup founder, a life coach and a stylist lend their views on your looks to help you choose just the style for the job.  (more…)


Forge a better tomorrow by building with purpose and vision. We take responsibility for our actions and live with purpose and vision, building a legacy for all who come after us. We use our voices for good and are moving to forge a better tomorrow.  (more…)

I say ‘Chino’, you say ‘Let’s go!’

Three looks with one staple, we explore the chino that holds true to every wardrobe’s collection. This season we focus on reliable and versatile workwear guaranteed to make it easier to get back into the swing of work things. (more…)