Approaching autumn

Your ultimate guide to the season’s staple pieces.

As the air gets nippy, layering tips and techniques come in handy. Here’s how to get the most out of this fall’s best attire.

Written by Alice Sholto-Douglas

The irony of autumn fashion is that in its simplicity offers wild versatility. Its colours, a limited palette of warm oranges, reds, and browns, plus a dash of grey or black, offer endless mix-and-match possibilities. Plus, simple but dapper outerwear makes it easy to tie your smart separates together in one fell swoop. This season we’ve got a set of staple pieces for the Markham Man to make his own. 

The Perfect Jacket

It’s almost autumn, unofficially known as the jacket’s annual time to shine. Dress down with denim or layer up with trucker jackets and anoraks. On rainy days, a tailored raincoat or leather jacket will keep you dry, plus they’re versatile, pairing well with everything from a casual white tee to a slick polo neck sweater. And then, of course, there’s the checked suit, an autumnal feast for the eyes. With endless options, you can neatly dodge the paradox of choice by picking out jackets that are neither too heavy nor too light, which anchor layers especially well.

Gone Golfing

Golfers, with their subtle textures and collars, are both comfortable and luxurious. And because they’re a carry-over from summer, they’re ideal when the weather is unpredictable, with breathable-but-thick fabric that keeps you cool in the sun but warm in the shade. For a more formal fall look, button all the way up and let the collar spill over your blazer or jacket. Alternatively, keep things loose with a lighter jacket over short sleeves.

Covered and Coated

An excellent coat makes people pay attention, and a good autumn coat can be the single most flattering clothing item we have when worn right. Long coats help shape shoulders over chunky knits and add length, while more casual but still tailored pieces, like chore coats, can be worn in almost any setting. Underneath, go for a slick rollneck sweater, an open flannel, or a hoodie for textured layers that also act as subtle accessories.

Knees and Toes

Amidst the layers, a good pair of shoes can seal the deal, and in autumn, boots are assuredly the best option. They endure, rain or shine, and prevent said rain from doing your socks dirty. Desert boots and Chelsea boots offer good coverage and can be worn with pretty much anything, and you could even try a Cuban heel if you’re feeling frisky. No matter what, remember to match boots with pants. Tapered chinos, polished and perfect for fall, are more slim-fit, so they pair well with slim-toed shoes, which are more formal than a round toe.

This autumn, menswear has a blazing array of separates to choose from, so you get to decide what works for you. It’s getting chilly. Time to turn up your collars as well as the heat.