All dressed up with somewhere to go! The humble overshirt.

As the seasons change, and we are greeted with the pre-winter chill, one often wonders how to ease into autumn, without having to throw a coat on. This is where the overshirt comes into play. What is an overshirt? Simply put the overshirt is an engineered garment merging the functionality of a jacket with the simplicity of a shirt.

To better showcase the versatility of this non-seasonal layering item, let’s go on a style journey as we take you from formal to casual, day to night and all the areas in-between.

Business as usual.

It’s the first day of your dream new job and you want to dress to impress, so let’s start from the bottom up. Get out those business savvy muted socks your significant other may have gotten you for your birthday and match it back to your already polished and trusted black formal shoe. Pair this with a classic fitted pant, neutral tones are a must, a buttoned up tailored shirt, a leather belt and your favourite cologne. Throw on your recently purchased plain charcoal overshirt, to add an easy yet modern business aesthetic and your look is now complete. Word of advice, eye contact and a firm hand shake will ensure that you make a great first impression and start your new business venture on the right note.

 A guy’s night out.

Its 5pm, time is of the essence, drinks are set for 7pm, and you’ve just gotten home. You’re already wearing your favorite pair of cuffed chinos and those trendy high-tops.

A drink with the boys is meant to be fun so let’s add some colour. You make your way to your wardrobe and pull out a plain fatigue cotton twill overshirt but before throwing it on; you find that crisp off-white casual shirt (Keep it two buttons down) and in a matter of seconds you’re set and half-way out the door. Don’t forget the essentials checklist! Wallet, cellphone, car keys, face mask, sanitizer and off you go ready to have a night to remember.

Keeping it casual.

Your phone has been blowing up today and your last notification says that your new pair of sneakers will be delivered before 3pm today. Just in time for date night. You know who you are and what you’re about, and the easiest way to convey this is by keeping it casual.  So this is what to wear. Slip on a fresh pair of cotton briefs, plain socks, and a pair of stone washed rip and repair denim jeans. Rock your over-sized white-tee and unbox those fresh-to-death new kicks.

Now add some texture, with the pièce de résistance, your corduroy overshirt. Corduroy is a bold, yet understated fabrication so you simply can’t go wrong. Trust your instincts and obey your charm because heads will definitely be turning tonight no matter the outcome. No catfish allowed.

The coffee commute.

Saturday has hit…you completed your morning gym session, indulged in some self-care, may it be a haircut or just some time to yourself. Your first obligation today is breakfast with the family at the usual breakfast spot, followed by your favorite sports game a few hours later, at the restaurant a few doors down, with your homies. Comfort is key. Here’s what to wear. Your zip-through checkered overshirt is the hero of this look, paired back with a coordinated hoody and track-pants combo. A simple sling bag adds that final level of comfort as you once again head out into the world ready to enjoy some down time with those that matter the most.

Cool for the summer.

The sun’s out, and you should be too. You’ve spent the day soaking up the sun, catching the perfect tan, or maybe you’re out enjoying some beautiful sights in and around your home town. When the sun starts to fade, time to stand out in the crowd. We all know our summer essentials consist of a plain or printed short, laid back flip flops and a trendy vests or graphic tee.

Keep it cool with a buttoned down overshirt, allows for an easy transition from your one plan to the next with minimal effort but maximum efficiency. Pairing a plain overshirt, in one of the various colour options available, does anything but detract from your summer look. So slide on those perfectly framed shades and get ready for your next adventure. Sundowners are not mandatory.


Added extras aka accessories:

As well all know, accessories can elevate almost any outfit.

These accessories may be paired along with the above:


  1. Formal: Minimalistic accessories such as a segment ring or a classic watch will add class to any formal outfit.
  2. Semi-Formal: Do not shy away from simplistic earrings as it shows that you do not take yourself too seriously, and adds a level of edge.
  3. Casual: This is a free for all, but stick to basics, a good watch (not oversized), not more than two rings, and gold or silver simple chain (depending on what your skin tone is compatible with).
  4. Summertime: Sunscreen is a staple, along with a cap or bucket hat, we do not recommend and further accessories as they are easily lost if you’ll be swimming.

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Written by

MKM Guest Fashion editor

Steve Norman & Larry Steenkamp