A Retro Sports Home Run

Pared-down, All-American classics perfect for every wardrobe

Sport might be the section of the world from which fashion has borrowed most liberally in terms of inspiration. Every part of the aesthetic landscape owes some credit to the apparel and apparatus of sport.

Words by Tshiamo Seape

I recall a spirited discussion with a friend on what sport held the honour of being the world’s drippiest athletic pursuit. Not the athletes themselves – just their attire. With timeless cable knits, polos and tailored pants, cricket took the trophy for me. Without hesitation, he brought up baseball, and I was happy to be proven wrong. Let’s explore the sport’s scorecard with the help of a key look for the season.

 A case for style supremacy

Baseball’s enduring style credentials can be traced to one place: The New York Yankees. Their uniform, the archetypal baseball fit, has delivered two icons to the world of fashion: The Yankee cap – a genre-defining piece recognisable to anyone under the sun – and their equally famous pinstripes. Borrowing from this legacy, we’ve delivered some standout pieces that put a tasteful spin on a classic. 

The popularity of baseball-inspired athleisure lies in its accessibility. The proportion of a slightly oversized jersey with tapered yet ultra-comfy bottoms is a combination that everyone can get behind. With the addition of a sleek pair of sneakers, the look is effortlessly complete.

The Top

The first piece to pull on is an oversized, white T-shirt with blue pinstripes. Styling this is child’s play: the roomier dimensions will fill out smaller frames and will be more forgiving during the summer months. An ultra-casual, do-anything, go-anywhere type of tee.

The Pants

The understated nature of a striped top leaves room for pants with a little more personality. These colour blocked, tapered track pants – apart from being incredibly comfortable – add an element of style that elevates them above your run-of-the-mill joggers.

The Kicks

Rounding out the ensemble are some impressive low-top, shell-toes in black, cream, ecru and blue. Earlier I mentioned accessibility, and these sneakers are what I meant. These should be a staple of any wardrobe regardless of where you position yourself on the “fashion forward” scale. Pair with the above outfit for something casual with a bit of edge, or style with chinos or denim for a slightly more refined look that’s ready for everything from errands to lunch with the in-laws.

Whether you’re a baseball fanatic or not, the sport’s style pedigree is undeniable. So when it’s time to reach for more than a fitted cap or logo’d out bombers, many understated options are waiting in the wings. Good style is personal style. So, while this is a solid blueprint to follow, the outfit is something only you can put together. Knock it out the park.