A made man

Inside information on looking and feeling refined

Grooming is integral to good style. Want to face the world with calm and confidence? We’ll show you how.

Written by Oratile Mashazi

Modern life requires us to do so much to maintain the balance between work, home life and recreation. To keep showing up as your best self, you also need some of your time and attention. We have a few ways to help you treat those areas that do the most, without having you do too much. 

Manners and a good manicure, maketh the man

Pristine hands convey refinement and great manners. A manicure requires a simple set of tools – a small nail brush, nail clippers and a multipurpose nail file with a buff are a good trio to start off with. After a shower, or after soaking your hands in warm water, scrub your nails with the brush to exfoliate the cuticles and soften the skin. Now to trim the nails – follow the edge of your nail bed for an authentic shape. Also carefully remove any hard skin hanging off the edge of your nail (be gentle). Then bust out the file to even out the edges of your nails so they all look uniform. Finally, run the buffer over your nails to give them a healthy, natural sheen. 

Get those toes in line 

Everyone needs to take great care of their feet, they definitely deserve it. An at-home pedicure starts with a ten-minute soak in some warm water with epsom salts; this is an excellent way to unwind. Follow up by exfoliating with a foot scrub to remove any dead skin, then use a pumice stone to remove any calluses and soften hard skin. Now for the toe nails to get trimmed – you can also file down any rough edges with an emory board. Finally a slather of a moisturiser or foot cream before sliding on some slippers for ultimate relaxation. 

Good skin is in

Introducing a facial as a weekend treat leaves your skin gleaming and releases toxins and tension from your head and face. Start with a simple massaging of the temples by putting pressure in a circular motion on this area. The next step is to wash with an oil or gel-based cleanser before steaming the skin by putting your head over some boiled water for a few minutes with a towel covering your head and the bowl to trap the steam. A face pack is then the perfect item to slap on and RELAX. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes while you recline. Finish off with a rinse, toner and moisturiser.

Grooming is integral to good style, it cloaks one in confidence. Paying extra attention to these rituals gives the peace of mind of not simply looking good but feeling good too.