A day in the life of houndstooth

Indoors and out, the formerly serious staple has plenty of personality.

Whether you’re kicking back or heading back to the office, this versatile pattern brings structure, style and personality to your days.

Houndstooth is a pattern that’s shown every side of its personality in fashion over the past century or so. Depending on when you grew up, and perhaps also on your parents’ style preferences, you might think of it as a long-wearing classic, an edgy Eighties statement-maker, or a twee look beloved of a certain brand of early 2000s hipster. It’s no surprise that the pattern is still with us – there’s something special about being so many things to so many people and still having a distinctive personality all of your own.

7:05am: Best foot forward

Whether headed out for a day in the sun or suited up for business, houndstooth brings a splash of personality to your casual or corporate attire – however small a detail it is. If you’re a “fun socks” kind of guy, these won’t look out of place with your office outfit, and if you’re a snappier, more serious type, your colleagues will simply interpret them as a touch of texture, in the same way they would a striped or dotted tie.

10am: Say it with your chest

Houndstooth would traditionally be seen on outerwear: trousers and jackets in a stiffer fabric sporting the pattern have long been a favourite of dapper dressers. Now, houndstooth makes its mark on your softer staple items: T-shirts and sweatpants. Make this tee your first layer and you’ll be set to make an impression if you’re walking back into the office for the first time in a while, and to keep the camera on if you’re starting the day with a video call.

3:14pm: Head in the game

Stepping out for coffee? Whether it’s a solo mission to re-fuel your afternoon in the home office, a quick meeting, or a walk with colleagues to catch up on everything you missed when watercooler chats just didn’t work over Zoom, a hat is your essential companion. Bucket hats, in particular, are having a moment in the sun, and their versatility is unmatched: they’re a subtle enough look that in the right colour or pattern, they can go from laidback ispoti to semi-formal headgear in seconds. Houndstooth on the outside makes a bold statement, while houndstooth lining is a more subtle nod to others in the know about the season’s best.

5:45pm: You’ve got it covered

Time to head out for vaxxxed, relaxed after-work drinks. The season doesn’t call for a coat, so a light jacket with plenty of personality will be your best friend. If it’s a really hot evening and you’re not staying out late, consider just layering a short-sleeved houndstooth shirt over your look.