2022 ready? Set goals.

Take what’s yours this year, step by step.

What has the new year got planned for you? What will you bring along and what will you leave behind? Whatever resolutions you have in mind, we know 2022 will be nothing but goals.

Written by Grace Winkler

At the beginning of a new year, we all have big ambitions. That’s great, but a few weeks into the year, big plans can begin to seem unattainable – unless you’ve taken the time to break them down into smaller, achievable steps and milestones that’ll get you to the ultimate goal. 

Preparing your goals 

Word on the street is that 2022 will be your year. We don’t disagree. With the electrifying promise of a brand new beginning, we know that the first step to achieving it is dreaming it. Some of us have big dreams, like saving up for that vacation in paradise, finally popping the question, or taking the world by storm. Some of us like to start a little smaller, like hitting the gym one extra day a week, finishing those books that you’ve been meaning to read, or making time to put family fun first. Whether your goal for the new year is finding your fame or making those gains, 2022 is coming in hot and just waiting for you to unlock your solid gold potential. 

Steady yourself

Balance is going to be important this year. We’re saying no to negative energy. No to bad blood, no to bad deals, no to bad vibes. But we’re also saying yes to uplifting ourselves. Yes to looking good and feeling good. Yes to that job you’ve had your eye on, yes to that holiday you keep putting off, yes to that special someone in your life. Yes to trying something different and yes to keeping what already works. It’s time to put our motivation into motion. Goal-fatigue by mid-January is all too familiar, so our theme to start the year off is consistency.

Get practical

No step towards greatness is too small; all we have to do is keep stepping. Start journaling your aspirations, use a yearly planner, or call up a buddy to support you through your resolution journey and work to hold each other accountable. Setting goals in writing or together with a friend or family member helps us to focus our intentions and zone in on the best route towards what we know we can achieve. The more we practice these behaviours, the more natural lifestyle changes become, and the easier it is for us to reach the goals we have set.

Avoid goal fatigue 

However, even with the best intentions, cheat days can begin to outnumber leg days, and our eight glasses of water quickly become the few sips we can manage in between the hustle and bustle. But this time, we know our goals aren’t only reserved for those champagne toasts on the 31st. They’re going above and beyond, and taking us with them. Change starts with big dreams and small steps. It’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s never too late to re-evaluate, reinvigorate, or reinvent our goals and ourselves. Let’s keep this energy going; we’re not just surviving, we’re thriving.

The new year is a time for reflection, celebration, budding friendship and blossoming romance, excitement and opportunity. It’s the time for giving back, paying it forward, and treating ourselves to a fresh start. We’re leaving the past in the past, but we won’t forget the lessons we learned to make it through another year. We’re accelerating full speed ahead, excited for the unknown and excited to follow through on our goals. 2022 is here and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling. It’s all yours, so take it.